Sale! 1.2G/1.3G 9CH AV 800mW VTx FPV

1.2G/1.3G 9CH AV 800mW VTx FPV


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9CH video & audio, good performance of anti-interference
Transmitter frequency: 1.080Ghz, 1.120Ghz, 1.160Ghz, 1.200Ghz, 1.240Ghz , 1.258Ghz, 1.280Ghz, 1.320Ghz C:1.360Ghz
Transmitting distance>600m(open area)
Analog AV signal input
Compact size, light weight


Transmitter Frequency(MHz) 1.080Ghz, 1.120Ghz, 1.160Ghz, 1.200Ghz 1.240Ghz, 1.258Ghz 1.280Ghz, 1.320Ghz, 1.360Ghz
Transmitting Power 800mW
Transmitting Distance >600m(open area)
Frequency Control Built-in frequency PLL (phase lock loop)
ANT Connector SMA
AV Input Analog AV signal input
Power Supply: DC12 volts
Current Supply 300mA
Size 53*45*19mm
Weight 78g
Package Include 1 x 1.2G/1.3G Wireless Transmitter
1 x Antenna
1 x Connection Cable